About Myself

Probably the most difficult predicament for every reasonable person is to write about himself or herself. Because one thing is an officious biography and a selling text for business. Quite a different thing is a try at an honest self-identification without self-deprecation but with a pinch of irony measured with a chemist’s precision.

So, first of all, homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.

That is I live my life in full. “I don’t like” and “I like” almost in line with what Vysotsky wrote. By the way, I am a Tiger like him, besides I am a Leo – I respect my “horoscopic” signs and I do accentuate them in every possible way.

And, by the way, among the things I like is my job. Of course, it is not just PR as a professional standardized and client-oriented service but the very opportunity to change the situation in a real or a mental space with the help of mind power. It is not reputation management and definitely not such a mechanical chimera as social engineering. It is rather my internal necessity to express my opinion or to make up my mind to act in order to change the chains of cause-effect relationships being guided by humanity principles.

In the modern world humanity, alas, is in short supply as is critical thinking, honour and duty. However illusions and sandcastles are in abundance and their upkeep costs the world too much. It means that human values cleansed of xenophobic impurities (nationalist, clerical, etc.) are as timely as never before.

That is why I say and write what I think.

For the right people to hear my words.

For their thoughts to become the right actions.

For the life to have a chance.