Mental Dance

When attending various professional events, I made an unexpected conclusion. Despite a vast amount of regular and on-the-spot communications grounds there are really very few places where my colleagues could meet and have a friendly conversation. As a result, I together with the team of PR-Service Agency thought up the “Mental Dance” – a creative laboratory to unite good people of our area of expertise and of other areas as well. Its principle is very simple. Once a month our company of like-minded people meet in one of Kyiv cafes and discuss topics we are interested in – from highly specialized to global and esoteric. What we are going to discuss is decided beforehand – every member of the group has the right to initiate a topic and to choose speakers to be invited. Anyone can become a member of the group. Actually, no rules but common courtesy are observed at the “Mental Dance”. The main thing here is a simple human company which is a luxury by today's standards.