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My laptop, an HP elitebook is tired and wants to stop working. After falling down from a height of a meter and a half onto the granite floor its screen has cracked and a part of its plastic casing has broken away. Like our IT administrator says: any computer device that is unfortunate to serve as my major working tool (on my way to the office and in the office, 24/7, in a restaurant and on a beach) operates at a rate of one year to five. Here arises a painful and pressing question – what will take the place of a retiring true friend?

“Organoleptic and psychographic” criteria of the casting are clear – it should be positional, elegant, non-masculine yet it should not be glamorous-cum-cutesy-cum-blonde. In terms of functionality, it should be reliable, shockproof, and unburdensome; in terms of mass-volume ratio, it shouldn’t be a MacBook (because of my laziness and lack of time, the “crooked” Windows seem more familiar). That is why “female” laptops of bright colors and ultrabooks offered to me by the IT administrator and friends are automatically scratched even from the long-list.

At the same time, my subconscious mind reminds me steadily and acidly that a pretty part of the Earth’s population is happy to use various pads. Yet, neither kind of this modern technological wonder can house all the volume of information I need daily. And even its combination with a mega-capacious external memory does not solve my problem as it automatically means running risks of losing superconfidential data having a fit of ingenious absent-mindedness. It leads to a sad conclusion: a pad, a cool gadget that can fit in practically any handbag, is absolutely of no use for me, a person who regularly attends all kinds of officious meetings and other “sit-abouts”. Because I can easily check my e-mail via my iPhone; and I need a device with a bigger screen for more complex tasks (working with bigger files, typing new texts, etc.) that I often have to solve during long and smart get-togethers.

The result of my spiritual torments, agonies of choosing and painstaking Internet searching was my personal discovery. It turns out that a new class of computer devices, a hybrid of a laptop and a pad, has already emerged. The helpful World Wide Web offered me to choose from a 128-gig (hard disk capacity) Toshiba Satellite 925t, and Acer ICONIA W700, and Dell XPS Duo 12 (with its two variations – of 128 and 256 GB) and a 256-gig HP EliteBook Revolve.

Their overwhelming advantage as my “office sward” is clear: with a casual hand gesture, quite a massive “lap” turns into a light pad. Of course, it is not for me to go into technicalities but I do like the idea of “a hybrid”. It is a kind of Middle Way in the world of IT-solutions. As for my choice of a particular model, it will most probably depend on the maximum volume of the storage space. So that all the information amassed by back-breaking toil might be at arm’s length. So, I have “acquired” a breakthrough gadget (as it looks to us, ordinary people) and I am sharing the gained knowledge with all of you. You’re welcome!

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