О жизни EN

I write a lot, I write often and I enjoy it making the time for writing on my family, work, and such a luxury as sleep. The texts I wrote in various years are mainly collected in this section. I promise to replenish my collected works regularly. Because it matters to me.

Premonitory Signals of Tyranny

Alarming symptoms for the world and for Ukraine. Inspired by Tim Snyder’s “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the...

On Female Friendship

This is my first post for ForbesWoman, so it would seem right to devote it to manifesto-like things. To say that I am here for...

The World Is Not Hopeless

I cannot play chess well – I am willing to move figures not the way the rules of the game allow. Nevertheless, I have...

Laptop, Pad, Middle Way

My laptop, an HP elitebook is tired and wants to stop working. After falling down from a height of a meter and a half onto the...