О жизни EN

I write a lot, I write often and I enjoy it making the time for writing on my family, work, and such a luxury as sleep. The texts I wrote in various years are mainly collected in this section. I promise to replenish my collected works regularly. Because it matters to me.

Lionesses Hunt Together

Almost five years ago, my good friend and a sparring partner at exercising our grey cells gave me a book by Terry Pratchett;...

Let the fear be gone

I am not a psychologist and I do not go after applause from representatives of this professional community I deeply respect by...

Bulgakov and Trolls

The Kyiv of Bukgakov – it seems as if none of our contemporaries, people of sound mind, decent upbringing and unflawed...

The World of Aura Colors

There exists an opinion that each of us sees the world through the “color lens” of our own aura. And its color...

Reputation and Freedom

That sweet word freedom! A wish to move up is always born not without a certain amount of the mysterious word of...

The Ruler in His Own Right

Legends of different times and peoples tell us what the ideal rules must be like. We can dwell on Vedantic exhortations,...

How Nightmares Come True

We are starting an anthology of dystopias – alarming literary and screen forecasts that are coming true right before our...

Mercy and Poise

The quote by Seneca that “Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power” became an inseparable part of my...

Feel Like John Snow

We are getting back to the world of feudal relations and sadomasochistic spiritual quest The heady and mystical spirit of...