О жизни EN

I write a lot, I write often and I enjoy it making the time for writing on my family, work, and such a luxury as sleep. The texts I wrote in various years are mainly collected in this section. I promise to replenish my collected works regularly. Because it matters to me.

Reflections on Cowardice

Cowardice is the most horrible sin, and the majority knows about it from Bulgakov’s Pontius Pilate. Each has his or her...

Women’s Showing Off

One of my favorite vignettes on the Internet is about five-level showing off. I’d like to remind those who are too lazy...

Illusion of Love

Ukraine pays too much for the world to see it in a different light A wish to be loved, popular and respected does not only...

The Power of Action

…We used to think that there’s always space for a feat in everyday life. And the majority tried to distance...

Continuity of Help

The one who is willing is looking for a possibility to help, the one who is not willing is looking for a reason not to. A human...

To Serve the People

“Varangians” in the Ukrainian government bite off more than they can chew not understanding the difference between...

Exodus of the Clever

Ukraine is at risk of turning into “White Africa” Then, long, long ago, they learn to go in space very, very fast....

Rude Manners

…Oh, how pleasing it sometimes is to inform a stupid person that he or she is stupid and to tell a foul person that he...