О жизни EN

I write a lot, I write often and I enjoy it making the time for writing on my family, work, and such a luxury as sleep. The texts I wrote in various years are mainly collected in this section. I promise to replenish my collected works regularly. Because it matters to me.

Road without Serfdom

Mentally, Ukrainians are still captured by bolshevism The greatest freedom for a person is a freedom to think. Each can surely...

The Guilt of the Generation

… I have been vexed by a compulsive idea for a long time now whether it was possible to act differently in the early...

Fight the Tide

A popular Internet meme traditionally accompanying portraits of Uncle Freud states, “First make sure you are not...

Face to Face with Changes

Midwinter: the longest nights, the shortest days. Karachun, the Slavonic god of the lower world, the master of frosts, cold...

Life in the Hands of Smatterers

… How pleasant it is to have a really luxurious thing – the one that delights your eye not only with its...

The Territory of Betrayal

Betrayal has been considered a grave sin by the majority of nations since the dawn of time. As a rule, it is spoken about in...